What is a pawn shop?

Essentially, a pawn shop is a way to get money without the hassle of credit checks, approvals, and the like. A pawn is a buyer/seller agreement in which we agree to buy the items that you pledge as collateral for an agreed upon amount. At the end the time period, you then repurchase these items back from us for the original amount plus a small fee. It's that easy. No credit checks, no hassles.



What if my pawn is due today and I don't get paid until tomorrow?

Just come in tomorrow or give us a call at 479-443-5400. We want your business and will work with you, whenever possible, to ensure that you are able to pick up your merchandise.



What if I'm out of town when my pawn is due?

You can mail your payment by money order. You can both extend and pay off a pawn by mail and then pick up your merchandise when you get back into town. We never charge for holding pawns that have been paid in full.



Can I have a friend pick up a pawn?

Unless the pawned item is a firearm, a friend can pay off and pick up your pawn as long as they have the original signed pawn ticket. If they do not have the original signed ticket, or the item is a firearm, a friend can still pay off the pawn, thus stopping all charges. We will hold the pawn until you are able to come pick it up.



How do you determine the amount of a pawn?

Mainly by years of experience. We have to assess the item as to how much it will sell for in the event that you do not redeem your pawn.



I pawned an item at Instant Money and a friend pawned one exactly like it and got more for it. Why?

It all depends on the item(s), the actual used resale value & most of all, the customers needs. Condition, age & item popularity also are considered when assessing the item(s).



How long can I pawn an item for?

You may pawn any item(s) under $100 for 20 days. If your Pawned item(s) are a $100 or more, then your pawn will be for 30 days.



What if I don't have enough money to pick up my pawn at the end of the period?

You may extend your pawn for another time period by simply paying the pawn fee.



How many open pawns can I have at one time?

There is no limit. You may have as many open tickets as you need.



What kinds of items can I pawn?

You can pawn almost anything of value. Some examples of items that you can pawn are: firearms ( you must be 21 years of age or older to pawn &/or pick up, sell or purchase a handgun & you must be 18 years of age or older to pawn &/or pick up, sell or purchase a rifle or shotgun )gold (not gold-plate!), TV's, DVD players, game systems, high quality tools (Milwaukee, DeWalt, MAC, Snap-On), DVD's (unscratched, and in their original case), etc. Keep in mind that not all items are created equal. Therefore the amount we can offer on a given item depends on the brand, its condition, how many we have for sale on our shelves, and so on. Also be sure that the item is complete with no broken or missing knobs, has all its cords, cables, remotes, etc.



Can I write a check to pick up my pawn?

No. Since the pawn was paid out to you in cash, you must use cash in order to pick up the pawn. You may however, write a check to purchase any of the many fine items available for sale in our showroom. We also accept all major credit cards for purchases.



What do I need to pawn an item?

First of all, since a pawn is a legal, binding contract, you need to be 18 years of age in order to pawn an item. You must also have a current valid state-issued photo ID--a driver's license or identification card. Neither a social security card nor a photo ID issued from an employer are acceptable as proof of identity for binding contracts. When picking up a firearm out of pawn, you must have a current valid state issued ID or a current state issued driver's license that has your current residential address on it.



I bought an item and now it doesn't work. Can I get my money back?

Keep in mind that we sell used goods, and as such, we do not offer cash refunds. However, if you purchase a used item, and it should fail within 48 hours, we can exchange it for a similar item of equal value. If we don't have a similar item, we can issue a store credit. We also sell some new items. These are covered by the manufacturers warranty and any repairs or replacements must be made through the manufacturer. An exception to the return policy is firearms. While every effort is made to ensure that the firearm is in proper working order before going out for sale, we are not able to test fire the gun, so any firearm sale is done "as-is."



I pawned an item before, but now I can't get as much on it. Why?

Unfortunately, not all items hold their value over time. Guns and jewelry hold their values over time, but items such as stereos, computers, DVD players and any & all other electronics depreciate daily in the current technology department. As the prices of new consumer goods drop, we must offer less for these goods in order to sell the item at a reasonable price in the event that you do not redeem your pawn. It is not possible for us to pawn an item for as much or more than an item would cost new, but if an item has been in before we will always try to give you as much as possible for it.



Do you have a lay-away plan?

Yes. If you find an item in our showroom that you would like to purchase, but don't have enough money at the time, we can lay it away for you. 10% of the total cost will hold an item for 30 days. 20% of the total cost will hold an item for 60 days. There are no refunds or exchanges on items put into lay-away.