Tyler is our store manager & has been with the company for 13 years. He started when he was 17 years of age & has pretty much grown up in the business that his Dad (Our Owner) "Butch" Thomas bought in 1986 from our Company Office Manager (Marge Brown) who started our Pawn Business back in 1978 & is still with us today.  Our first store was located on Dickson Street. Tyler is a seasoned pawnbroker & salesman who continues to gain knowledge on a daily basis & he would be the first to tell you that "You learn something new everyday". He is a "Chip Off The Old Block"!





Jim has been with the company for 17 years, 16 of those years at Instant Money. He is a very hard worker, a great organizer & merchandiser, & a very knowledgeable pawnbroker & salesman. He is a "jack of all trades" & a very integral part of the company's success over the years.


 steve bio


Steve has been with the company for 17 years & has been a very integral part of our success during that time. He is a seasoned pawnbroker, sales person & all around "handy man" for just about anything that we could ask him to do. He loves working with all people, customers & co-workers, & is a very happy, easygoing person. He has a huge customer following & knows most all of them on a "first name" basis. He sincerely loves helping people out in any way that he can & takes a lot of pride & enjoyment in being able to do just that.